• Insolente® Mezcal Joven 750 ml
  • Insolente® Mezcal Joven Aged 750 ml

    Insolente® Mezcal

    • JOVEN

      Mezcal Joven conical stone kiln with firewood
      Fermentation: White Oak wooden vats
      Distilled: 2x
      Rested: Clay pots
      With 42% Alc. by Vol.
      Agave Espadin Joven

      6/750 ML


      100% agave Espadin -also known as Maguey if you talk to a typical Mexican grower.
      All our agaves are at least 9 years old.
      Our agaves come from the Distrtito de Yautepec (high sugar levels)
      We cooked our agaves on a conical stone kiln fueled with black oak.

      6/750 ML

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