• bestia® Tequila Blanco 750 ml
  • bestia® Tequila Reposado 750 ml


    Tequila Bestia® brings the highest quality spirits to value-minded tequila drinkers. Containing 60% Blue Agave with zero additives, Bestia delivers a special tequila experience that even the most veteran tequila drinkers will appreciate. Perfect as “a shot” or as the base ingredient for your favorite cocktail.

    Lenght 14.5669 in Bottles per box 12 units
    Width 8.8582 in Box weight 33.0693 Lb
    Deep 12.5984 in Boxes per pallet 98
    Bottle weight 1.653 Lb    
    • BLANCO

      Color: Crystal clear. Nose and mouthfeel: Cooked Agave, Anise flavor, vegetable, agave that lingers, softer, rounder, fruity, floral, refreshing. Mix ability : rim a high ball glass with salt, add ice, add squirt or grapefruit juice, add 1.5 ounces of Bestia Blanco. No Ageing.


      Color: Deep gold, Nose and mouthfeel : Strong Agave notes, light wood, white pepper, minerals, and coriander. Mix ability: add ice cubes to a tall high ball glass, add 1.5 ounces of Bestia Reposado, and top it off with Topo Chico mineral water. Age: 4 months

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