• Espectacular® Tequila

    Tequila Espectacular®

    Presentation of handcrafted bottle sectioned in 3 parts. For very demanding palates who like to share a handmade and natural 100% Agave product with export quality.
    NOM 1533

    Lenght 13.93 in Bottles per box -
    Width 10.55 in Box weight 41.62 Lb
    Deep 12.52 in Boxes per pallet 55
    Bottle weight -    
    • BLANCO

      • AGE
        Blue-white color and notes with soft herbal and fruity flavors, with a nice agave note cooked by being baked in masonry ovens. Special to enjoy with fresh dishes such as salads as well as an excellent aperitif perfect to mix in cocktails.

      • AGE
        8 months
        Notes with a nice wood flavor. It can be enjoyed with snacks or spicy dishes as well as enjoying straight and cocktails with subtle flavors.
    • AÑEJO

      • AGE
        3 years
        Characteristic dark gold color, incomparable flavor and aroma that only demanding palates can differentiate. We found notes of white oak and cooked agave. This Tequila is especially for enjoying right and can be used in salty and sweet dishes.
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