• Tequila Galindo®  blanco Orgánico 750 ml
  • Tequila Galindo® Reposado 750 ml
  • Tequila Galindo® Añejo 750 ml
  • Tequila Galindo® V Extra Añejo 750 ml

    Galindo® Tequila

    Galindo® Tequila We produce quality tequilas to offer our consumers a family tradition, taking care of your health, the planet, doing fair trade and encouraging responsible consumption.
    NOM 1517

    Lenght 9.05512 in Bottles per box 6 units
    Width 10.6299 in Box weight 19.55 Lb
    Deep 9.44882 in Boxes per pallet 108
    Bottle weight 3.14 Lb    
    *Except Extra Añejo whose weights are:
    Bottle weight 4.24 Lb Box weight 26.45 Lb
    Boxes per pallet 54
    • SILVER

      With a silver-colored appearance it has herbal notes with a predominantly agave flavor.


      This Tequila has great body and character with a mild flavor that can be appreciated when tasting its authentic aroma due to its slow fermentation.

    • AÑEJO

      Añejo has a smooth texture and vanilla aromatic touches with a wonderful golden color.


      Extra Añejo has an appearance in shades of dark amber and pleasant texture to the palate increased by its toasted flavor.

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