• Gran Padre®  blanco
  • Gran Padre® Reposado
  • Gran Padre® Añejo

    Gran Padre®

    From the field to the shelf, Tequila Evolución maintains 100% control over all aspects of the product. The high quality is maintained by using only the best ingredients and methods of long tradition. It is 100% Pure Blue Agave and its fermentation process is completely natural plus zero additives to modify or change the authentic taste of Tequila and sustainable practices throughout the operation to help protect the environment now and in the future.

    Lenght 17.3228 in Bottles per box 6 units
    Width 7.4803 in Box weight 18.5188 Lb
    Deep 9.2519 in Boxes per pallet 96
    Bottle weight 1.653 Lb    
    • BLANCO

      Clear, pure, brittle, elegant and graceful and genuine in its finish. Gran Padre Blanco will exceed the expectations of any tequila lover time after time.


      8 months aging in care oak barrels provide a light, golden tequila that offers a pleasant softness to the palate, maintaining great body. Soft finish, sweet and citrus touch.

    • AÑEJO

      Matured in white oak barrels fully seasoned for 24 months, the smooth and rich aroma provides the memorable character that is sought by tequila aficionados everywhere. Its flavor is the combination of the different tastes of oak, agave and citrus.

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