• Like Me® Café 750 ml
  • Like Me® Menta 750 ml
  • Like Me® Nuez 750 ml

    LIKE ME®

    Like me® Agave cream Its unique flavor with a texture and velvety smoothness that each palate experiences just by tasting it. It is a drink that expresses in its unmistakable flavor and all the essences and goodness of our land.

    Lenght 11.811 in Bottles per box 12 units
    Width 9.05512 in Box weight 19.8416 Lb
    Deep 11.811 in Boxes per pallet 56
    Bottle weight 1.653 Lb    
    • COFFE

      Creamy white color, its aroma is slightly coffee and tequila. In addition to its soft velvety texture.

    • MINT

      This agave cream with a soft aroma of mint and tequila with a creamy texture and a creamy white color.

    • NUT

      With an enveloping nutty and tequila flavor, plus velvety and creamy texture, with a soft and sweet aroma.

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