• Padre Azul® Tequila Silver 750 ml
  • Padre Azul® Tequila Reposado 750 ml
  • Padre Azul® Tequila Añejo 750 ml
  • Padre Azul® Tequila Cristalino 750 ml

    Padre Azul® Tequila

    You won’t find any compromises in the design of the unusual “Padre azul” bottle. Only the best is good enough for Padre azul, outside and in. The handmade bottle is inspired by Mexican heritage and culture. One important aspect of Mexican culture that fascinated Austrian HP Eder and his compadres was how much tradition and relationships with family and friends were valued, and he wanted to capture that on the bottle.

    • SILVER

      Is bottled straight after distillation. This gives it its clear, transparent color and its incomparable taste of fresh agave. Color:Clear, Aroma: Soft& Floral, Taste: Gently sweet with fresh herbs, Enjoyed: Neat or on the rocks. No yeast, sugar, additives or preservatives added, all natural


      • AGE
        8 months
        Color: Pale gold, Aroma: Sllight Vanilla. Fruit compote, vanilla and cooked agave notes merge harmoniously. Velvety texture with a sweet and smooth finish. No yeast, sugar, additives or preservatives added, all natural Age: 8 months in Bourbon barrels.

        6/750 ML 24/50 ML
    • AÑEJO

      • AGE
        18 months
        Añejo is golden in color with soft flavors vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and dried fruits. Extremely long smooth finish. complex yet balanced. No yeast, sugar, additives or preservatives added, all natural. Age: 18 months in Bourbon barrels. Highest rates tequila in the world 98*

        6/750 ML 24/50 ML

      • AGE
        18 months
        PADRE AZUL, is a co-production with Swarovski, This special edition Cristalino Tequila, which uses a special process to re- move the natural color, currently happens to be the new trend in Mexico. Crystal clear in the glass Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo Tequila“ convinces on the palate with maturity and a finely honed composition of aromas. Filtered one time to maintain color through charcoal filter.

        6/750 ML
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