• Sangre Alteña® Tequila Plata 750 ml
  • Sangre Alteña®  Tequila Reposado 750 ml
  • Sangre Alteña®  Tequila Añejo 750 ml
  • Sangre Alteña®  Tequila Cristalino 750 ml

    Sangre Alteña®

    Perfect aging for an incredible flavor, a great tequila for the world.
    NOM 1515

    Lenght 16.9291 in Bottles per box 12 units
    Width 10.2362 in Box weight 36.64 Lb
    Deep 9.84252 in Boxes per pallet 60
    Bottle weight 2.9 Lb    
    • BLANCO

      • AGE
        Tequila packed after being born from the second distillation, preserves the purest taste of tequilana weber agave with a strong flavor. It is perfect to enjoy with margaritas.

      • AGE
        6 months
        Reposado in "new" American white oak barrels, until it acquires perfect shape and a sweet agave flavor combined with wood and vanilla.
    • AÑEJO

      • AGE
        18 months
        Aged in "new" American white oak barrels, until it reaches the ideal maturity, to obtain an ideal body, aroma and woody flavor. Perfect to take on the rocks.

      • AGE
        36 months
        Where the colour is removed, maintaining its sensory characteristics that it has acquired during its 36 months of maturation in white oak barrels.
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