• Amor mío® Tequila Blanco 750 ml

    El Viejo Manuelón ® Mezcal

    Is the only organic mezcal from the Oxaca Mixteca for Mexico, the United states and the European Community. Our mezcal is handcrafted for three generations, we are 100% sustainable in our production, with more than 85 hectares of land with wild and cultivated agaves, of which some are in indigenous communities, so in these They generate work and development opppotunities.

    • JOVEN

      Double distillation in cooper still, colorless with silver sparkles; find and constant pearl; thin and constant tears;medium high viscosity, Hig aromatic intensity; primary aromas of cooked maguey, herbaceous and smoked notes; secondary aromas of citrus, Good entry, low alcoholic note; silky; oily. with 45% Vol. alc. Agave espadin.

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